This blog features a selection of my Very Small paintings: White Bay Power Station and the Rooftops of Balmain & Rozelle.
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About the Rooftop Series

This series explores what we see when actively engaged in looking up

I like to paint rooftops. It started when I wanted to photograph the village but there were too many obstructions and clutter, so out of frustration, I looked up. Do you ever look up at the sky, see blue and feel a tremendous sense of space and freedom?

This is what led me to create an ongoing series of rooftop paintings. All these paintings are views from the local villages of Balmain and Rozelle just as I see them. What I find fascinating in looking up, is that there is a whole new visual panorama that would otherwise go unnoticed. The tops of many local buildings, untouched by renovation and signage, retain their original character and they are surprising little affected by the elements. A lovely sight

Not a new thing. Many artists paint rooftops

Cezanne and Van Gough painted rooftops. Picasso created a series of Barcelona rooftops in 1902-3. The American painter, Edward Hopper (1882-1967) known as a pictorial poet who recorded the starkness and vastness of America, liked both urban and barn roofs in the 1920s and 30s. And contemporary artists too are inspired by man made angles and light playing against the sky.

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